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Enjoy authentic Japanese food at a very affordable price

Romar Fernando

January 16th, 2019

  • In the year 2016, there is a food stall in Grace Park, Caloocan City that has trended on the social media.

    Ramen Daruma 1

    Photo Credit: Nesa Calma

    It was Ramen Daruma, a street food business that can be found at 11th Avenue near the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace. It is not a typical street food business that you can find because it is managed by two Japanese people.

    Ramen Daruma 2

    Photo Credit: Nesa Calma

    Ramen Daruma was established by Motonao Takahashi and his friend Yuki. Their first business here in the Philippines were not successful that’s why they decided to put up a small street food business by the help also of their Filipino friends.

    These two Japanese people are the ones who make the cooking in their food business. They are able to learn cooking their own authentic cuisine through their mother who are making different recipes that other would surely love.

    Ramen Daruma 3

    Photo Credit: Nesa Calma

    What is significant about their business? They are offering customers authentic Japanese food at a very affordable price.

    Ramen Daruma uses local ingredients and incredibly turned it into different Japanese food taste.

    Part of their menu are different kinds of Ramen such as Shoyu which is soy sauce and pork based, Shio which is salt and chicken based, and even Ramen Light consists of spring onion and other ingredients. The Filipino favorite Yakisoba is also in their simple menu. Prices range from PhP 25.00 to PhP 37.00 only per order.

    Other food offered are Okonomiyaki which one whole costs PhP 70.00; Japanese Beef Curry meal for only PhP 45.00; Golden Churros with chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream and cheese flavors which costs PhP 5.00 each; Gyoza for PhP 10.00 each; and Gyoza Burger for PhP 40.00 and the popular Takoyaki.

    Ramen Daruma 4

    Photo Credit: Nesa Calma

    According to Motonao, “Daruma” means lucky charm. They tried to put up a small business and tirelessly boosting it into bigger one.

    They made it affordable, not only to become famous or to invite more people to eat in their food stall but they want ordinary Filipinos to experience authentic Japanese without breaking their budget. There’s a lot of Japanese food being offered in the Philippines but are very expensive.

    Surprisingly, even they are not that affluent in terms of their business income, they still give free food to the less fortunate, usually homeless people.



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