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Eating with feelings!

Adi Miguel

September 22nd, 2015

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    Admit it, binge eating is fun. When you love being with people it’s fun doing it over endless conversation with a pinch of laughter with your friends. And if you’re a couch potato, you’re on cloud nine when you do it over a good book or your favorite TV series at home.

    However, don’t you know that binge eating is the same as emotional eating? Yes, anything that you eat because of your emotions and not because of a growling stomach is emotional eating.

    How many times a year do you come to a celebration and eat more than what you’re suppose to eat? Or how frequent do you eat on buffet restaurants with your officemates or family? There are a lot of times that you unconsciously binge eat.

    Wait, have you also considered those moments when you just crave for a certain food and you have always thought that you should not resist it? That sudden burst of emotion that you should have that food in your tummy as soon as possible? Well, that’s emotional eating, too.

    Another is when you had a bad day because your boss rejected your work and you need to cheer yourself up with a box of chocolate and a bag of potato chips. Yes, on those moments you’re on emotional eating. And by the way, even when you’re so happy because you did your work on time you’re unaware that you emotionally eat because you have that feeling of celebration!

    Well, these situations sound familiar for girls because they go through PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome every month. But do you know that even males go through emotional eating?¬†However, they’re not just like girls who recognizes it and outspoken about what they feel. But they also unconsciously do and most of the time deny it.


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    Anything that get into our mouths (that is food) and is not urged by our stomachs or hunger is called emotional eating. We do this when we crave. We do this when we’re sad or disappointed and even when we’re happy. We do this when we’re thinking and working. We do this when we celebrate; when we’re so productive. We even just do this when we feel like we deserve to eat. It is always paired up with emotions. But we’re not aware that on these moments we add unnecessary load in our bodies.

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    The people who usually binge eat or emotional eat are those who doesn’t notice that they already do. They have this thinking that they are eating small and random amount of food and does not affect their bodies. They always thought that it will pass and be burned because of their daily physical activities. However, it does not anymore because their emotional eating eventually becomes a habit.

    The paradox of this practice is that these people feels guilty after eating more than they should. They feel fat and gluttonous after but continuously do it.

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    We have to be aware of this. We have to know when we’re hungry or we’re just craving. We have to weigh our hunger whenever we see that cookie jar. This is important to us, Filipinos, because we love eating and sometimes we are so unaware of our in takes. Emotional eating is not good especially when it becomes a habit. We are becoming gluttonous and no one really corrects it.

    Check now if you eat with your feelings, does it often, and feels guilty after it. Because surely, you’re already an emotional eater.


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