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Chinese food traditions popular to Filipinos during New Year

Romar Fernando

January 30th, 2019

  • Family is one of the basis of the Chinese society. It is clearly displayed in their feast during new year’s Eve. This feast is very important to them because all the members of the family must come back in order to be united and no one leaves an empty spot in the family’s tradition.

    Food is one of the Chinese people’s pride that’s why it is very easy for us Filipinos to adapt and to be familiar with their food traditions most especially during their Lunar New Year.

    One of the traditions Pinoys are really doing during new year’s eve is the assortment of circular fruits believing that it would bring prosperity throughout the year.

    There are “lucky fruits” that has to be present during the new year celebration.

    Apple is believed to bring harmony in relationships while avocado’s colors, green and purple, symbolizes prosperity. Banana symbolizes happiness. Grapes stand for wealth while lemon seems to drive away bad vibes. Lychee’s red color denotes good fortune and the sweetness of mango stands for strong family ties. Orange will give money and papaya is like gold for the Chinese people that brings good income. Pineapple is like fortune cones and pomelo is for good health. Watermelon symbolizes prosperity.


    Photo Credit: Samchi Credit

    Like the Chinese people, we, Filipinos love noodles too. Easting noodles during the new year celebration is believed to bring longer life span to a person.

    Traditionally, people tear the dough into thin strips and throw them into the pot. They are also called “cháng shòu miàn” which means “longevity noodles.” The longer the noodle. the longer the life will be.


    Photo Credit: Keep Recipes

    Lastly, most of us love their traditional “Tikoy” or in common terms, rice cake.

    In ancient times of dynasties, rice cakes were used as offerings to ancestors and gods. Now, they are made of sticky glutinous rice that give them color and texture.

    Some parents will tell their children to eat rice cakes because they believe that it brings closer family ties and helps children to grow taller heights.


    Photo Credit: Science PH

    Are you ready for the Chinese New Year?

    Gong xi fa cai!


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