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5 Unique Pinoy Ice Cream Flavors

October 5th, 2018

  • Despite the heavy rains we are experiencing these past few days, it’s quite hot in the metro during the morning rush and in the middle high noon.

    And if it feels hot, we deserve to have a treat! Ice cream!

    We’re giving you know five Pinoy ice cream flavors that you might be interested to try.

    1. Durian ice cream


    Photo Credit: Looloo Insights

    Durian fruit is popular in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Durian fruit is known for its strong odor, which some find fragrant and pleasant while others find incredibly offensive.

    However, the sweet flavor of the flesh and thick texture of the fruit make it perfect for ice cream and other desserts. It is best to use fresh durian in making ice cream.

    2. Chili ice cream


    Photo Credit: Window Seat

    Whenever you’re in Bicol, it is the best place to try “sili ice cream.” And if you love spicy food, like chili pepper spicy food, this is your dessert!

    It is sweet and creamy as an ice cream. After the soothing sweetness comes the fiery hot sensation of chili.

    3. Strawberry ice cream


    Photo Credit: The Poor Traveler

    If you’re heading to the north, don’t leave the place without trying the famous strawberry ice cream.

    What is different from the typical strawberry ice cream is the real strawberry chunks contained in the mixture.

    4. Avocado ice cream


    Photo Credit: Yummy PH

    If someone asks you, “what do an avocado ice cream taste like?”

    You might tell them that it is more than a “taste experience” but a texture experience.

    The smooth and naturally creamy texture of avocado ice cream make it perfect for ice cream recipes.

    5. Gabi ice cream


    Photo Credit: Geno’s Ice Cream

    Gabi is also known as apay, katnga, natong, or what so called taro.

    This is widely available althroughout our country. Taro is an excellent source of vitamins B, C, E and calcium.

    You would be amazed with its unique taste and it is not easy to melt. Preservatives and fatty ingredients are not used in making gabi ice cream.



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