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Sometimes Being Naive Becomes A Choice

March 20th, 2017


    Please call me Elena Gilbert.

    And I still have this problem within me. I’m gonna take this opportunity. I’m an avid listener and I didn’t expect that I’ll be writing here. Last December, my best friend invited me to her wedding. I was so shocked at that news that it got me crying. Of course, I said yes and asked more details about her wedding. Then before that day I bought a gift for her but unfortunately I didn’t attend their wedding because of some important matters. Then after two days I texted her and told her how sorry I am for not attending. Then I asked her if she can meet me so I can give her my gift then she said yes and we talked about where will we meet and such stuff. Then that day came, I met her husband and I was so happy for my friend because finally she found happiness. But my problem started that day. My mother is so mad at me for some personal reasons and I don’t know someone whom I can talk too. I was so helpless that time so I decided to talk to her, my best friend. But unfortunately her husband is the one who I talked too. I know that it is her husband’s cell number but I don’t have any number of her, my friend. So nagbakasakali ako. Then he answered my call and said he’s at work. So I decided to talk to her wife later because I didn’t expect her husband to talk to me. I mean ginagamit nu’ng kaibigan ko ‘yung number na ‘yun kaya hindi ko inaasahang siya ‘yung sasagot. Pagkatapos nun tumawag ‘yung number na ‘yun sa’kin which I named after my friend because she’s the one using it. But unfortunately, her husband is the one who’s currently on the phone. He asked me if I can go with him like simple hanging out to know each other. In my sub-conscious, I’m wondering if why do we have to know each other, right? I mean, we don’t have to be friends because it’s awkward. But a part of me says that wala namang masama kung magiging magkaibigan kami. So I agreed. After that day he keeps on calling me every minute. It’s annoying, I know. But that time I needed someone to talk too and he’s there. But of course, me being an introvert, always rejects his calls. I mean, ‘pag wala na akung masabi pinapatayan ko na ng tawag. Then that day came, I thought we are going to a KTV Bar because I love singing but he brought me to an inn. I know something is wrong right at that moment. But I refused to follow my instincts. Kasi iniisip ko noong mga oras na ‘yun na pinakasalan niya ‘yung kaibigan ko so it’s impossible to think that he doesn’t love her. In other words, I trusted the guy. But unfortunately he took advantage of me. He tried to rape me but I begged him not to continue what he’s doin.. And thank God, he didn’t continue. He brought me home and after that day I never texted or called him again. I’m so scared to tell my friend what her husband did. But then I realized she deserves to know it. So after three weeks I told my friend what happened. She even cursed me. I mean she’s blaming me for what happened. I asked for forgiveness to her but I know this is not the right time for her to forgive me. Up until now, that nightmare is still haunting me. I already forgave the guy but it’s hard to forget what he did. I already blocked him in Facebook so as my friend. Hindi ko akalaing mas kakampihan pa niya ‘yung asawa niya. We’ve been through a lot. Kilalang-kilala niya na ako. Mali ba ‘yung ginawa kong pagsasabi sa kaibigan ko ng totoo? I almost ruined her family cause they already had two children. Please enlighten me. Salamat po in advance.


    Elena Gilbert.

    Dear Elena,

    Hindi maling sinabi mo sa kaibigan mo ang totoo. Ang mali ay ang makipag “kaibigan” ka sa asawa niya ng HINDI ALAM NG KAIBIGAN MO. May “quote” ‘yung kaibigan kasi ibang klaseng pakikipagkaibigan ang nangyari sa inyo.

    What happened to both of you will not happen in the first place if you at least had the decency na iwasan siya.

    Dinala ka sa motel. Madadala ka ba sa motel kung ‘di ka sasakay sa kotse at sasama sa kanya? Wala na bang ibang pwedeng maging kaibigan mo sis para makapaghinga ka ng sama ng loob o problema kundi sa asawa ng bff mo?

    Your friend will naturally side with her husband. But you don’t have the slightest idea kung gaano na kaimpyerno ang pagsasama nila ngayon. And it’s all because of you’re being “NAÏVE”???  How can you not read between the lines? How can you not see it coming? You said it yourself, you almost ruined their marriage.

    I am not blaming you here, okay? At least, walang nangyaring masama sa’yo. But next time don’t be too trusting, dear. Unang-una. Asawa ng BFF mo ‘yan and you never established some kind of friendship with him. Naging close ba kayo? Parang wala kang sinabi sa kwento mo. You actually just met her husband when you handed your gift. I mean? BFFmo ‘di mo kilala ang boyfriend? BFF mo, wala kang number? Ang gulo eh. “But unfortunately her husband is the one who I talked too. I know that it is her husband’s cell number but I don’t have any number of her, my friend. So nagbakasakali ako. Then he answered my call and said he’s at work.”

    One more thing, this “In my sub-conscious, I’m wondering if why do we have to know each other, right?”  It’s your instinct telling you that it’s not a good idea.

    Don’t feel bad about your BFF0 being so mad at you. That’s normal for her. You opened PANDORAS BOX.

    Once you explain your side, iwasan mo na sila both. Only time will tell if magkakaayos pa kayong tatlo.